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Reflecting on the Year that was – a message from Liz

My heart swells with absolute gratitude…

Gratitude for you –  our customers or our guests as we like to call them – without your continual support and love of our spaces and what White Earth  offers, we could not continue to do what we love. As we expanded this year into the Northern Beaches, opening our new retail space in Newport, we were embraced into the community with open arms.

Thank you for your continual support xx

Gratitude for our incredible team –Ladies you are the essence of White Earth – the guests connection with you as they share their story, as hearts are opened whilst seeking assistance for that perfect gift for someone truly special, as reassurance is sought that they can carry off the outfit they have just tried on and feel amazing in. It is your connection with our guests as they enjoy the sensory experience ensures their experience in White Earth is memorable.

Thank you for bringing your authentic selves to our tribe – I appreciate and value you all xxx

Gratitude to my family and my friends – AKA the support team – thank you for loving me – unconditionally – I walk with you all beside me and I am so thankful you are with me on this journey.

Thank you I love you xx

And last but not least I want to thank little Liz – my inner child – as I sit here writing this I have tears running down my face – thank you for not giving up  – this year there were days she struggled to find the incentive to get out of bed – when she was told  don’t do it, it’s not the right time or place – she listened to herself  – and just knew she had to take the chance – when she was full of self- doubt but just knew she had to keep moving forward. This year gave me time to reconnect with her which I am truly thankful.

We are all just grown up children and often our biggest critics  – why not make  2022 the year you start speaking to yourself as you would a child – with kindness, compassion, understanding and encouragement.

This year we were so humbled to partner with i=change where all your online purchases contribute to our chosen charities, supporting Children in need and assisting them to become the best version of themselves.

White Earth has many exciting things in the pipeline for 2022 that we look forward to sharing with you as they evolve throughout the year.

Wishing you all a year full of moments that challenge you, that uplift you and most of all fill your heart with love and gratitude.

Happy New Year xxx


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