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Botanical Boosters: Rosehip Oil

Botanical Boosters: Rosehip Oil

There is a world of potent therapy to be had using the power of plants. This series of Journal articles focus on specific botanical powerhouses… and we have SO many to share. 

Let’s dive into ROSEHIP

What is Rosehip Oil?

Rosehips are the fruit produced from a rose plant, the most commonly harvested rosehip is from the species Rosa canina and R. rubiginosa, which are native to Asia, Africa and Europe. 

The actual rose hips form after the flowers of this climbing rose are pollinated in the spring or early summer. The rosehips then ripen in late summer. 

So, why don’t you see these fruits in your local neighbourhood rose? Simply because most gardeners deadhead their roses before fruiting occurs. It’s these beautiful fruits, and their seeds, that we use to extract a most incredible oil. 

The rosehip oil is extracted from the seeds of rosehips, and like many seed oils, they are full of life giving goodness.

Rosehip oil has it all going on. The top three reasons to love rosehip are polyphenols, carotenoids and a host of micronutrients:

Polyphenols (micronutrients that reduce inflammation and nourish) including:

  • vanillic acid – also found is acai and argan oil, among others, is aromatic, flavoursome and possesses anticancer, antiobesity, antidiabetic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties 
  • caffeic acid – made in all plants and occurs naturally in bee propolis, it has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic properties
  • protocatechuic acid antioxidant, anti-inflammatory as well as antihyperglycemic and neuroprotective activities

Carotenoids (pigments found in plants that are antiinflammatory) including:

  • Carotene – a pigment including beta carotene which is a precursor to vitamin A. Vitamin A will speed up healing, prevent breakouts and support the skin’s immune system. It also promotes the generation of new healthy skin cells 
  • Lycopene – potent antioxidant,offers some protection against UV damage. 

Rosehip oil is also an A.C.E. Containing vitamins A, C and E. This means immune support, accelerated healing, skin brightness, enhanced capacity to make and store collagen in your skin, and… better skin repair and cell regeneration. 

What are the benefits of Rosehip?

Let’s summarise in a simple list:

✔ Anti-inflammatory

✔ Anti-ageing

✔ Stretch mark prevention

✔ Wound healing / Reduction of scars

✔ Like a multivitamin for your skin (nutrient rich) Vitamins A,C and E are great for acne management and reduction

✔ A big dose of vitamin C – The vitamin C content of fresh rosehips are higher than that found in citrus fruits, this means skin brightening and assists in collagen production and maintenance. In fact, rosehip is a great face oil to use in conjunction with the Beauty Chef internal ‘Deep Collagen’ for plump, smooth youthful skin.

✔ Effective against arthritis. Studies have shown the powder form of rosehips, taken internally have been effective in managing arthritis pain

How should I use Rosehip?

  • As a face oil – applied directly onto your face after cleansing, rosehip will nourish while also trapping moisture to doubly plump up skin
  • Apply to scars  – rosehip has been shown over and again to reduce the appearance and severity of scarring. 
  • Apply to stretch marks or for stretch mark prevention – if you already have stretch marks or would like to prevent them, use rosehip daily. Great for mummas growing tummy or teens experiencing those rapid growth spurts.
  • For massage – Rosehip oil is so versatile and when used in conjunction with essential oils can make for not only an aromatic delight, but a big drink of water for your skin.
  • Cuticles care – apply rosehip oil to your cuticle to assist with dry and damaged cuticles
  • Make up remover – oil is fantastic for removing makeup, and a deeply nourishing oil will help restore your skin glow after a day of wearing make up
  • Dry cracked heels – moisten and exfoliate your heels with pumice – follow up with a gentle massage of rosehip oil to repair or prevent dry and cracking heels. 

We have you covered for Rosehip

Top pick: Try Dindi cold pressed Rosehip oil

This oil is easily absorbed and feels particularly soft and velvety on the skin. It is extremely high in essential fatty acids and vitamin C. As the orange colour indicates, this oil is rich in lycopene (carotene) as well as being high in a variety of vitamins which promote healing to damaged and delicate skin.

Directions: Gently apply a small amount of oil onto skin and massage the product gently into skin until it is absorbed.

Ingredients: organic rosehip seed oil, natural vitamin e

Try Rosehip blended with other botanicals

Salt By Hendrix Nourish and Revive Rosehip Oil

This incredible product soothes, hydrates, rejuvinates + restores skin cells. Fighting scars + stretchmarks, this product is packed with vitamins to help reduce fine lines, wrinkles + imperfections.

Directions: Apply to desired areas twice daily.

ROHR REMEDY Boab and Rosehip with Vitamin E Oil

The healing properties of Rosehip oil works in with the vitamin and mineral rich Boab oil, to restore the most damaged skin


Effective medicine for Indigenous Australians, the Boab contains high levels of Vitamin C and Calcium.

The oil’s antiviral, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties encourage smoother skin, and during pregnancy help prevent and manage stretch marks.

Vitamin A-rich rosehip oil provides excellent healing and slows early ageing of the skin due to sun exposure.

The antioxidant properties of Vitamin E neutralise free radicals in the body, allowing cell regeneration.

Salus Rosehip & Orange Rejuvenating Body Oil

A rejuvenating blend of zesty orange, restorative white grapefruit, healing rosehip, evening primrose and lemon peel essential oil to repair, revive and re-energise skin.

In a nutshell

Rosehip oil is an all in one skin care powerhouse. Directly from nature, this elixir can be such a beneficial part of your self care. Try it today!


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