The combination of botanical ingredients in this nutritious loose herbal tea brew provides numerous effects, improve hydration, ease digestion, reduce stress with this mild non-caffeine stimulant.

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Reputed health benefits
The combination of botanical ingredients in this loose herbal tea blend offer a delicious brew with numerous
stimulating and cleansing effects, including improved hydration, eased digestion, reduced stress
and a mild non-caffeine stimulant.

For the ultimate herbal tea brew – Steep 1 tsp at 95℃ for 3-4 minutes.
A French coffee press, teabag/filter bag or metal strainer is recommended, however loose
brewing in a teapot or cup is also suitable.

Because this blend contains no caffeine, the recommended brewing time is a guide only. It
should satisfy most palates. For a stronger brew, you can increase the steeping time to up to 7
minutes before the liquor begins to taste overpowering. Try not to use water that has come off a
rolling boil (e.g. straight from the kettle) as this can bring out some bitterness.

Ingredients: Chamomile flower* (Egypt), lavender flower buds* (China), echinacea tops* (Germany), blue cornflower* (Albanian wildcrafted), cinnamon* (Sri Lanka), peppermint (Egypt)*  * denotes organic origin

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