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High in magnesium and Vitamin C this blend contains ingredients that assist with stabilising blood sugar and evoke a natural feel good buzz that mimics caffeine (without the caffeine!)



Reputed health benefits
Cacao contains theobromine, a bitter alkaloid of the plant, which has a similar effect of caffeine of
the body in that it increases heart rate, and also dilates blood vessels, causing a reduced blood
pressure. It is also high in magnesium and tryptophan, which is helpful in serotonin (feel-good)
production. Rooibos and orange are each a rich source of Vitamin C, while vanilla is an aromatic
and a mild digestive assistant. Yerba mate contains theophylline and theobromine,
stimulants which are also found in coffee and tea. Stevia is a nutritious herb that may help
balance blood glucose levels.

For the ultimate herbal tea brew – Steep 1.5 tsp at 85℃ for 5-7 minutes.
A French coffee press, teabag/filter bag or metal strainer is recommended, however loose
brewing in a teapot or cup is also suitable.

Tip: 85℃ can be obtained with 3-4 minutes off the boil, or a temperature controlled kettle.

Ingredients: Yerba mate* (Argentina), rooibos* (South Africa), vanilla bean powder (Indonesia), orange segments* (Ghana), cacao nibs* (Sri Lanka), stevia leaf* (India), natural orange flavouring    * denotes organic origin

Additional information

Additional information


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