Pit Stop Deodorant Travel Trio


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Neutralise odour with our natural, organic deodorant. No toxic chemicals, no aluminium – just- soft, sweet-smelling pits, Naturally! Handcrafted for men, women and teens alike, this is a clean, organic deodorant that works to keep you fresh all day.

Mini Sampler Pack: Presented in 3 beautifully designed 30g mini samplers. You can now rest easy and make an informed choice as to which scent is your favourite by sampling all 3 ranging from our Original, Unscented and new Wategos scent. Trying out which works best for you has never been so easy.

Ideally, apply and wear your deodorant during the day. After showering with a gentle soap in the evening, give your under-arms a break at night, to re-adjust their natural pH, then go again with a fresh application of Pit Stop the next morning!

Wash clothes regularly in warm wash 35-40 degree water and you should have no problem with your deodorant marking your clothes, the oils and powders are soluble in warm water.

Note: If you have a sensitivity to essential oils or bi-carb soda, test a small patch first or if you have just shaved, wait for 24 hrs before using.  THERE IS ALSO AN UNSCENTED ESSENTIAL OIL FREE OPTION NOW AVAILABLE FOR ULTRA SENSITIVE SKIN TYPES. **A very small percentage of people, who have been using commercial antiperspirants, may have an initial reaction to sodium bicarbonate. In this case, it is advisable to go deodorant free for a couple of weeks, washing regularly with a gentle castile soap to eliminate the build-up of toxins from your previous antiperspirant. 



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