My Majo – Cocktail Bath Soak



My Majo Bath Soak is filled with all-natural ingredients that are mood lifting, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Reset Bath Soak is like hitting the reset button, creating a sense of happiness.

Bottle 500g, Biodegradable Pouch 300g

Ingredients; Himalayan Pink Salt, Natural Epsom Salts( magnesium sulphate), Dried Wild Orange, Wild Orange Essential oil.


Pour desired amount into your warm bath and relax in its goodness. A light sprinkle over the length of the bath is sufficient for relaxation, If you looking for a deeper soothing of aching muscles and detox sprinkle a generous amount over the bath.

Bottle or Pouch Options

Reset Bath Soak comes in a Glass Bottle or 100% Compostable Pouch.

Giving you the option the refill for your glass bottle then throwing your empty pouch straight into your home compost.


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Compostable Pouch, Glass Bottle


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