Nastia Gladushchenko Beach & Bath Towel


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Saardé champions the work of local artist Nastia Gladushchenko with this luxurious Collaborative towel.  An interchange between art, textiles and European Coastal Nature.

‘Where the Blossoms Meet the Sea’ is a warm, lush and striking artwork created for Saardé to celebrate summer and transport us to the Mediterranean coast. 

Featured is an orange branch which is iconic of the Italian coast, scalloped shapes inspired by shade cloths and sun umbrellas, cystoseira seaweed which is the foundational seaweed species of the Mediterranean sea and plays a vital role in the biodiversity of the region. 

Saardé x Nastia Gladushchenko Beach and Bath Towel is jacquard woven from 100% Turkish OEKO-TEX® cotton.  Luxuriously soft and an absorbent, thick cotton pile towel. 

Designed in Australia by Nastia Gladushchenko
Made in Türkiye
Generous sizing
Super absorbent

Excluding fringe:
Bath Sheet | 90cm x 180cm/Wgt | 0.9kg

Note: Towel is gold in colour with camel and black pattern


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