Easy ways you can help your body thrive

Easy ways you can help your body thrive
When it comes to overall health, a clean system (body) is the key to radiant skin and an energised body and mind. That is why detoxing, or the process of detoxing is actually quite important for your health and functioning.

Does our body detox on its own? Yep, it does! However, in our current lifestyle and environments we bombard our bodies with so many toxins, that a lot of the time our ability to detox just cannot keep up. Pesticides on and in our fruit and veggies, chemicals in skin care and make up, toxins in water, plastics leaching…well everywhere, breathing in chemicals from synthetic perfumes, cleaning products, clothes and fabrics we sit on. It can be really hard to escape, and these toxins just continue to build up in our bodies.

Did you know that the chemicals our body cannot get rid of get stored in our fat? When we have excess toxins in our body, i.e. when the amount of toxins going in to our system overrides the ability of our body to rid them, our clever and protective mechanism is to actually create more fat to store the chemicals/toxins in. This is to ensure those chemicals are moving away from our vital organs, including our brain. 

So to make sure our body does not need to go into this protection mode of making more fat, we can actually assist our body daily in the detoxing process several ways.

Clean eating

Consuming as many ‘nude’ foods as possible, avoiding processed foods as much as possible, eating organic where possible, and load up on veggies. Stick to the clean fifteen and avoid the dirty dozen list (from ewg.org). And wash all fruit and vegetables in some water with a bit of vinegar and lemon.

Drink a lot of filtered water 

Essential for flushing out toxins. Add some lemon juice to warm water first thing in the morning to assist this.


Did you know we sweat out toxic plastics?! Some chemicals are actually easier to sweat out, rather than be eliminated through urine. Exercise is a great way to work up a sweat, or another great way is through infrared saunas! And both of these are great at reducing stress, win win.


By setting aside even 5 minutes to just breathe, and we’re talking deep lung filling belly breaths, you are helping your body to eliminate toxins through the enhancement of delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your cells and skin. 


Adequate sleep allows our body to rest, regenerate and detoxify. So if we’re constantly pushing it’s limits we’re not only impeding the process of rest and regenerate, but feeding further stress and inflammation in our body. Allow yourself to wind down of an evening, dim the lights, turn off the screens well before bedtime, drink some calming tea, do what it takes to get yourself in a restful state.

Use Natural Skin Care

We absorb about 60% of what we put on our skin (some areas are greater than 60%) this can be a scary thing if our products are loaded with toxicants! What is absorbed through our skin has the ability to affect every organ and system in our body. But we can stop this by choosing products that actually feed nutrients for optimal skin health, not add to the toxic burden on our body.

Detox Booster:

Try Dry Body Brushing. 

Dry body brushing is a natural health practice, which involves brushing over the skin in upward movements. The origins of this practice date back to Ancient Roman times. The benefits of this practice include:

  • increased circulation and lymphatic drainage (the detox boost!)
  • encourages new skin cell renewal by shedding dead skin cells
  • awakens the nervous system
  • improves skin tone. 



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