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The key to ultimate beauty

The key to ultimate beauty

The key to ultimate beauty
Being beautiful stems from the inside. Inner beauty is beautiful to everyone, and those who we admire as truly beautiful beings radiate so much love, light and confidence that they bring those features out in others too.

By shifting your perception of beauty from how media defines it, to qualities you admire in someone, or better yet in yourself, you unlock the key to what beauty actually is.

I think we can all agree that true beauty is found in smiles, in kindness, appreciation, compassion, in integrity, vulnerability, acceptance of self, in the respect of others and yourself.

Once we shift the perception of beauty to actual beautiful traits, we can see it more in others, our surroundings and see it more clearly in ourselves. 

If you need a little encouragement for this, try using affirmations. Write down a daily affirmation around beauty, confidence, self-worth or anything you feel. 

It can be as simple as: 

  • I am beautiful 
  • I am enough
  • Every part of me is beautiful
  • I feel good about being me
  • Say it every morning, write it down, and believe it. 

It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen. – Muhammed Ali

You deserve to know your beauty, you deserve to feel your beauty, and you deserve the right to determine what beauty is.


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