This is Incense – Electric Dreams x Peppa Heart


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Chasing your dreams can sometimes be a long and lonely path… 

So, with Electric Dreams, we want you to burn this beautiful scent while you are working on your dreams no matter how big or small, whether you are at the early stages or deep in the trenches. And, if you have a friend who you know is working on something, buy this as a little gift for them to show how proud you are and to show them just how supported they are.

It’s sometimes the little gestures that help push through a time when they could easily give up.

This is Incense is made with Australian Blended Essential oils.

Scent Notes:

Never stop dreaming. It’s where all the good stuff starts.

The limited edition This Is Incense scent created for the Electric Dreams project is housed in a box with signature hand drawn artwork, bright yellow tray and handwritten love note by Sophie Bell.


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