Stainless Steel Soap Saver


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Lots of you have been asking for these and reminiscing about them. They were used years ago for washing up, using in the laundry or for adding bubbles to the bath. 

This soap shaker, or soap saver as it is often called, fits a full size bar of soap. Use it in a sink full of water or under running water to create bubbles to wash the dishes. Made from stainless steel. 

Stainless Steel Soap Saver is a perfect throw back to times past but so valid to times now.

Less waste, less plastic.
Use with the dishes, laundry or for creating bubbles in the bath, by putting the smaller fiddly bits of soap in and shaking through the water. If you use good quality soap don’t let it waste! 
However, this fits a full bar too if you want to use a new soap.
Overall length 25cm. Cage just over 10cm wide. Tapered handle means closing loop will stay closed.



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