Green Superfood Booster Drops


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To nourish and improve skin health & vitality.

A synergy of nourishing green superfood plant oils and phytonutrients for vitamins, antioxidants and omega-rich fatty acids. Combining Amazonian Sacha Inchi seeds, broccoli, spinach, avocado and alfalfa sprouts for optimal skin health.

  • Amazonian Sacha Inchi seeds: A nourishing oil that contains small peptides to reduce facial sagginess and increase dermal density for more contoured skin.
  • Broccoli Seed Oil: Packed full of nutrients, high in Vitamins A & E and rich in antioxidants. With Omega 6 & 9 to deliver intense hydration, this superfood ingredient fights against free-radical damage.
  • Spinach leaf extract: Potent source of nourishing vitamins and antioxidants to cleanse skin and give a radiant glow.


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