Glow for Two


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Satisfy those pregnancy cravings and support that all-natural glow of a radiant Mummy To Be. This beautiful bundle is a beautiful way to help strengthen her bond with her growing baby as she nourishes her skin and body, and takes a moment to consider the wonder of this special time.


Most skin types

Pregnancy + Breastfeeding friendly


Gift box is printed with the words BUMP TUMMY FAMILY MY BABY. To treat the MUMMY to be, inside you’ll find:

– MUMMY’S TUMMY STRETCH MARK CREAM: A delicious, buttery spread that nourishes, supports and protects stretching skin during pregnancy.

– MUMMY’S TUMMY CREAMY BODY WASH: A soap-free, moisture-rich formula that gently cleans the skin without irritating or drying it out.

– BIO JUICE HYDRATING SKIN DRINK 110ml: A soothing smoothie to plump and refresh thirsty skin, making it feel bouncy, soft and smooth.

– MIDNIGHT MELT NIGHT TREATMENT: A serum + mask that uses enzymes and AHAs to gently resurface the skin, while also supercharging skin hydration and barrier repair.

– PINK JUICE TINTED BALM: A soothing and restoring juicy splash of sheer colour for the lips and cheeks.


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