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Our soothing, calming blend of pure essential oils has been developed to help relax the mind and aid the release of stress and negativity. Containing a blend of essential oils including lavender. Australian sandalwood, valerian and rosalina, this is a must have when you need to relax and unwind. It also smells wonderfully fragrant!

Receptors in our nose communicate with parts of our brain, which can influence emotions, mood and memories. When essential oil molecules are inhaled, some researchers believe they stimulate parts of your brain which can influence mental, physical and emotional health. For example, scientists believe lavender activates the brain cells in a similar way to the way that some sedative medications work.

directions: Spray a small amount onto wrists or arms and gently inhale prior to meditation or relaxation. Also useful as a pillow mist.

ingredients: Australian sandalwood hydrosol, pure essential oils of lavender, rosalina, caramom, rose geranium, patchouli, frankincense, lavandin grosso, holy basil and valerian, decyl glucoside.

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