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Dindi Naturals Reed Diffuser – 5 Blends Available


100 % Pure Essential Oils Blended with Extra Virgin Olive Oil



100% natural with no synthetic fragrance or chemicals. Our reed diffuser oils are made from concentrated, pure essential plant oils blended with extra-virgin olive oil – it simply can’t get more natural!  Aromas have the ability to lift our moods as they gently waft through a room.

To increase the intensity of scents simply flip the reed sticks regularly and coat well in the oil blend. Most blends will keep providing scent throw for 6 months or more, with some of the blends lasting much longer.

Kits contain 1 bottle (140ml) of oil and 8 rattan reed sticks.

Vegan friendly.

ingredients: olive oil, essential oils. 5 blends

Additional information

Additional information


Calm Flower, Orange Bliss, Lime Zest, Fresh Australia, Wild Rose

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