Collective Hub – Life & Love – The Playbook


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Do you want to be ambitious, loving, successful and compassionate – and most of all, happy?

This playbook is designed to be read in tandem with Life & Love. With exercises, tasks, prompts and plenty of room to unleash your creativity, this playbook is a springboard to help you look within, identify the areas of your life that you love, and explore ways to make constructive changes to ensure you live the life you want.

Wondering how can you find your purpose, while still making time for your friends, family, heath, community and the simple pleasures that ground you?

There are enough hours in the week for everything that matters (with a few secret strategies and savvy prioritising)! Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a creative, a parent, a friend, or all of the above, this playbook is a canvas to help you to design a life you love.


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