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Bopo Women Body Oil


100 Per Cent Natural Body Oil |  3 Essential Oil Blends



Our 3 blends contain a nourishing, natural ingredients to support your journey to self-love, stress reduction and empowerment. Each essential oil blend sinks quickly into your skin infusing it with rich scents, vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants to rejuvenate and restore. Perfectly suited to all skins types, this fast absorbing elixir leaves skin feeling smooth, soft and nourished whilst recharging your senses.

SELF-LOVE: Geranium, Bergamot, Mandarin + Neroli

TANSY-COCOON: Blue Tansy,  Lavender, Mandarin + Patchouli

SUMMER-SOLSTICE: Ylang-Ylang, Grapefruit + Patchouli + Natural Mica Shimmer



Additional information

Additional information


Self-Love, Tansy Cocoon, Summer Solstice

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