Boheme Crystals – Celestial – 500g


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Run yourself a warm bath and free your mind and body with the healing benefits of our Boheme Crystals & flowers.

Salt of the Dead Sea contains 21 powerful minerals. The magnesium and minerals in Dead Sea Salt moisturises the skin, improves skin hydration, texture and tone. It may assist with skin conditions such as Psoriasis & Eczema.  Bentonite Clay has an alkalizing effect on the body. It will remove toxins, heavy metals, impurities and chemicals. Bentonite Clay has a strong negative charge, and when activated by water, it acts like a magnet on our bodies, pulling metals and toxins out. 

Suitable for all skin types.
Safe for all the gorgeous, glowing pregnant mummas.
Suitable for people with nut allergies.
Perform an allergy test patch prior to use.

 Fill tub with 3 inches of hot water.
Add Bohème Crystals and dissolve majority of crystals – not all crystals may dissolve.
Continue to fill bath with warm/lukewarm water.
Immerse & soak for minimum 20 minutes.
Do not rinse, pat skin dry & apply Gypsy Oil to complete the ritual. 

10+ baths p/vial
Use within 6 months of opening.
Keep your Boheme Crystals in a cool, dry place and do not overexpose to sunlight.


Vanilla Oil ~ Repairs the damage already done to the body & stimulates repair – The antioxidant property of Vanilla Oil neutralises free radicals and protects the body from wear + tear and infections. Vanilla Oil promotes skin health, relieves muscle pain and cramps, and balances hormones naturally. Vanilla Oil is rich in antioxidants; antioxidants are substances that help prevent certain types of cell damage, especially those caused by oxidation which leads to the formation of free radicals, which are very dangerous to the body’s tissues and have been connected to premature aging.

Combination of blue mallow, blue cornflower and lavender



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