Blue Light Defence Hydration Face Mist


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Get an instant hydration boost and help protect your skin when using your digital devices. Made with active ingredient BlueShield®, our Blue Light Defence Hydration Face Mist has been specially developed to boost the skins protection from increased exposure to digital pollution.


Our Blue Light Defence Hydration Face Mist, containing active ingredient BlueShield®, will leave you feeling refreshed and hydrated whilst helping to protect your skin from digital pollution and blue light-induced ageing and hyperpigmentation.


Blue light is a short, high-energy wavelength in the visible light spectrum, and has been known for causing oxidative stress which leads to premature ageing of the skin. Excessive exposure to artificial blue light from digital devices can make the skin become stressed and inflamed, producing free radicals which damage its DNA, weakening collagen and elastin. Wrinkles and hyperpigmentation are the most common consequences of excessive blue light exposure to the skin.
For further information, please see out recent blog on the what blue light exposure is doing to your skin.


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