Gift Pack – Berry Buffet – Face and Body Treatment


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BERRY BUFFET is a bountiful banquet of berries to brighten and boost your skin, from head to toe. Treat yourself with a Plum Power Whipped Clay Mask, Berry Buff Body Smoothie Scrub and Berry Drops Soothing Body Oil. A burst of berries. A blast for the senses.

SUITABLE FOR – All skin types, including sensitive and pregnancy.

WHY WE LOVE IT… Treat your skin from top to toe with this Berry Buffet that’s sure to be a blast.

1. Mask with Plum Power. Apply this creamy clay mask with the brush provided. Leave on the skin for 10 minutes.

2. Scrub with Berry Buff. Warm your scrub in your hands and apply to dry skin. Dampen your hands and continue to massage the skin using firm circular movements. Rinse and remove scrub and face mask in the shower.

3. Nourish with Berry Drops. After your shower, massage this delicious body oil onto the body to soothe and hydrate.

Now glow. Because you’re bright and brilliant.


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