Star Sign Scents – Aquarius


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Ingredients: Distilled water, Petitgrain stem, lemon, peru balsam, lavender, patchouli, geranium, frankincense, decyl glucoside. Aquarians are a progressive, free spirited sign who have original ideas and humanitarian traits. They can be temperamental, rebellious in nature and unique. They signify intelligence, spontaneity and independence. Aquarians have an out of the box thinking. We have blended your perfume to reflect your element of ‘Air’ along with essential oils to support independence, generosity, grounding and an open heart, to balance your strengths and weaknesses with the power of aromatherapy.

What does Aquarius StarSign Scent smell like?

From the second you spray it, its very stunning, what comes through is a softly spoken sweetness with an earthy musk and soft oriental spice, it’s just delicious!
This is definitely a front runner for us in the range. We’re proud of this, its really gorgeous, you just have to try it.
It’s very sexy and we think you will get comments about this one.
We love the frankincense, it creates the soft spice, soft musk, soft floral mix with the hint of citrus from the lemon, the earthy, smoky, spicy and musky elements of patchouli and the sweet floral hints from geranium, combines to be a beautiful fragrance, we are in love with it!


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