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My Majo – Indulge Bath Soak


Indulge Bath Soak; Rose, Lavender & Pink French Clay 500g



My Majo Indulge Bath Soak is filled with Pink Himalayan Salt & Magnesium Sulphate, to calm your mind, body & soul. Soothing aching muscles & relieving stress. Rose & Lavender Petals have skin smoothing benefits, smell beautiful and look divine as they float around you. Pink French clay is added to cleanse & detoxify the skin. Improving skin softness, removes dead skin cells and assists in creating an overall refreshes appearance. Lavender essential oil is antibacterial and calms the mind. These ingredients combined create the ultimate bath experience.



Pour desired amount into your warm bath and relax in its goodness. A light sprinkle over the length of the bath is sufficient for relaxation, If you looking for a deeper soothing of aching muscles and detox sprinkle a generous amount over the bath.


Bottle or Pouch Options

Indulge Bath Soak comes in a Glass Bottle or 100% Compostable Pouch.

Giving you the option the refill for your glass bottle then throwing your empty pouch straight into your home compost.


Additional information

Additional information


Glass Bottle, Compostable Pouch

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