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KOH Living Porcelain Minikin Tealight Lantern – Love


Australian Design | Tealight Candle Holder

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Our beautiful Transcendence Minikins™ are perfect for meditation and contemplation. They inspire a sense of peace, harmony and universal protection. To transcend is to experience a spiritual awakening. To go deep within and beyond your ordinary limits. To find true abundance, and to be alive and aware. Light a lantern to tap into your inner wisdom and contemplate life’s deeper questions.

This delicate Minikin™ Lantern is moulded with fine white porcelain, which sits on a round wooden base. When lit with a tealight candle, the warmth of the flame glows through the porcelain and its true beauty comes to life.

The energies of love and compassion touch all of life and the universe creating a connectedness that enables one to feel part of the whole. Rooted in the heart Chakra, the expression of loving kindness and compassion will inspire others to reciprocate the same feelings. The power of unconditional love has, since ancient times, been considered the supreme healer, restoring the energies of self-love, kindness and generosity.

Size: 10cm x 12cm

Designed in Australia. Made in China.


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Additional information


Jasmine + Sweet Orange, Neroli + Mandarin

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