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Dindi Naturals Cucumber Facial Cleansing Oil


100% Natural | Plant Based

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Facial cleansing is now so gentle and incredibly effective for all skin types when using our delicious cucumber cleansing oil. It easily dissolves dirt, grime, make-up and excess sebum without drying skin out. It may sound strange cleansing with oil, but it actually works fabulously and rinses away completely with water, leaving no greasy residue behind, just wonderfully soft and fresh skin.

Cucumber seed oil is gentle, soothing and cooling as well as rich in minerals. We’ve combined it with nutrient rich abyssinian oil and rejuvenating camellia seed oil – the perfect balance to keep skin soft and conditioned.

directions:  For best results, apply a small amount to clean, dry hands then spread over face and neck, gently massaging. Cover with a warm, damp wash cloth to allow skin pores to open and release impurities. Wipe away oil with the wash cloth then rinse completely with warm water.

ingredients: Cucumber seed oil, fractionated coconut oil, camellia seed oil, abyssinian oil, vitamin e.

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Additional information


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